November 25, 2008

Welcome to the MC Zoo

Yesterday, I turned down the Mylne's Court Close and saw a man and a woman standing by the gate to our courtyard. They were obviously tourists, and were marveling at our spectacular buildings, which happens quite often at MC.
"These are University dormitories," I heard the man say to his wife.
I pulled my keys out of my pocket, passed the tourist-couple, and as I unlocked the gate I heard the woman whisper to her husband:
"There's one of them."
It's bad enough that MC is part of a ghost tour, and large groups gather in our courtyard to hear the stories of the ghosts that haunt our dorms (which I still haven't even heard yet - not complaining though). And when we wait in the courtyard for each other before going out to eat or shop or go wherever, groups of tourists stop and stare at us, as if we can't see them staring at us. The courtyard at MC is gated and locked.  t's like the people come to observe students in their natural habitat. We should hang up a sign that says "Welcome to the Mylne's Court Zoo, please feed the postgraduates (because they are poor and too busy doing work to cook their own meals). PS Beware of Ghosts."

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