March 2, 2009

Battle of the burgs

OK, yes, I am in love with this city, but recently I’ve been craving the familiar things of Bucknell and Blue Bell, specifically the food and shopping. Laura came to the rescue with her spectacular discovery: a 24-hour ASDA Wal-Mart Super Center within the city limits. It’s just 25 minutes by bus from the center of Edinburgh on the Jewel line (2). Nothing says Lewisburg like an unnecessarily large Wal-Mart that stays open all hours of the day so that you can buy hand towels and handguns, stickers and shampoo, a flat screen TV and fresh fruit! Naturally, we made an afternoon of it, strolling up and down every isle. It was fantastic – a taste of home! (Even if we couldn’t shop in our favorite section: the £5 DVD bin). I bought a Betty Crocker marble cake mix and vanilla buttercream icing, and made the most fantastic cake later that night while I watched “Another Cinderella Story”. It felt like a typical Sunday in the burg… well, the other burg.

Home away from home

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