May 7, 2009

What about the pigs???

Swine Flu hysteria has spread faster than the actual disease. But now, what with all the talk of a pandemic and Phase 5 threat levels, the only preventative measures suggested were: wash your hands. Great, I do that anyway. Paranoid germaphobes, or those who suspected they were already showing signs of the illness, had resorted to wearing doctor's face masks out in public. I found this a bit extreme. Today, when I walked past Gladstone's Land on the Royal Mile, which I pass at least twice daily because it's practically directly below my apartment, I noticed something new. Gladstone's is made up of six traditional 17th Century rooms, giving you a sense of what Edinburgh Old Town tenements used to look like. There are two giant black statues of pigs that hold open the entrance gates (this I cannot explain). But today, when I passed them, one was wearing a surgical mask. It made me chuckle.

It wasn't me!

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