July 5, 2009

Before Stonehenge, there was Woodhenge and Strawhenge


After a short train ride from Cambridge to London, where we checked into our hostel near King's Cross Station, we took another train to Salisbury. There was a bus tour offered directly from the Salisbury train station, that took us through town and out to the Salisbury Plains and dropped us off at Stonehenge. Salisbury was a pretty town, from what I saw out of the upper deck bus window. It would have been nice to have gotten out and walked around, but I wasn't complaining once we hit the monsoon on our way through the Plains to get to Stonehenge.

Salisbury Plains: driving through the monsoon

Rachel and I could NOT stop quoting Eddie Izzard. As part of his stand up act, Dressed to Kill, Eddie does a bit on Stonehenge, and it's bloody hilarious! Here, watch for yourself: Eddie Izzard on Stonehenge

One of the biggest Henges in the world!

The weather broke for us, just as our bus pulled up to Stonehenge, so we were lucky enough to see the stones without the rain pounding down on us. Although, we still had that relentless English wind. I liked that we saw the stones under such cloudy conditions. It's a mystical place, and the rain and wind only seemed appropriate - it gave it that eerie, ominous, and supernatural feel. As Laura would say... "Those are some morally gray clouds".

This is what happens when the Devil and Merlin team up with aliens...


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