February 9, 2009

Snow-in-the-Dark Men

Lucy, myself, and Mr. Tumnus

Apparently it only snows in Edinburgh at night. Which, on the one hand is completely awesome, because night is my favorite time of day (hah), and I feel like I'm off in my own world while everyone else is sleeping, and the streets are turning white and going soft. You can understand my love of night if you read my Nocturnalism blog from October... I swear I'm not a vampire, even though Rachel has dreams that I am. So, obviously the combination of two things that I love, nighttime and snow, are fantastic. However, on the other hand there is a big fleecy mitten, because nighttime is freezing and we never get to enjoy the snow in the daylight and take pretty pictures of it.

Our home in the snow

Last night, The Mound was a mound of snow. There was at least two inches covering the streets when we ventured out at midnight in the still falling snow. We did all the things one should do on a snowday (or should I say snownight): we made snowangels in a cobblestone parking lot, we threw snowballs, we jumped in snowdrifts, and we made snowmen in front of the National Gallery. The mean snowplow dozed over them before daybreak, so sadly we didn't get any pictures of them in the light. 

Our snowmen in front of the National Gallery

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