September 20, 2008

The Lone Goose

On Tuesday, we decided to actually attend a Fresher's Week activity that wasn't food or booze related. We went to the Postgraduate Induction Ceremony held in New College. Now, New College is actually connected to our building, but the doors that link the two are kept locked. Our Wardens (kinda like RAs) gathered us all in the common room and lead us through these doors down a long hallway with tiled floors and high ceilings and into a room at the back that looked just like the Great Hall in Hogwarts (complete with three longs rows of tables). We joked about having a Thanksgiving feast in there and each house of Mylne's Court can sit at their own table, since there are three: Patrick Gedes, Edward Sylvesan, and Philip Henman (mine).
So at this Induction Ceremony, Tutors just welcomed us and dragged on and on about rules and other boring nonsense. Then this Science Tutor got up to speak, and obviously he aspires to be a creative writer, because he went into this whole bunch of analogies... complete with a stellar slide show. First he called us "the flock of geese that flies home in the fall", and a picture of geese flying in a V popped up on screen. Then he compared us to a fire burning and fueling the school, complete with a picture of flames. Then we were traveling through troubled waters, so up flashed a picture of a babbling brook, and we were supposed to collect the pebbles as we walked along...or something. Next there was a bee sucking nectar from a flower, just as we are to absorb knowledge from our tutors. I don't know where he comes from, but I'm not sucking on any tutors while I'm here! He just could not keep his analogies straight. We couldn't understand if this guy was for real or not, and it was difficult to hold back the laughter.
The flock

Finally, he went back to the geese analogy and said that "sometimes, a goose will stray away from the flock, and he will cry out for help"... and then... yes... he made a loud goose call. At this point we lost it. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, he made the lone goose call again... and again. We were in histerics. We've carried this joke on with us and have reenacted the lone goose crying out for help while out at the pubs. It tends to come in handy when Mark wanders off in search of an ATM or a bathroom... now we know that if he gets lost, we'll just stand on the street listening for the lone goose call and the flock will swoop down to his aid.  

Liam and Mark doing the Lone Goose call

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