September 28, 2008

Dancing with Frankenstein and Mounting David Hume

This was not your ordinary Saturday night. We flirted with literary figures - it was both educational and enlightening. The World Famous Frankenstein 1818 is a gothic style building that stands on George IV Bridge where it meets Chamber's St. It's a three floor pub/restaraunt that kind of turns into a dance club after dark. So it's a plub: a pub/club. At midnight, Frankenstein's monster is lowered on a gated-metal gurney to sound effects of thunder and lightening, and he sits up and looks around at all the drunken idiots. It's not a real monster, obviously, its just a mannequin, but the tourists love it. Locals love it too. Who doesn't love some quality theatrics every once in a while? This was not my first time at Frankensteins, but I enjoyed watching the rest of my group of friends react to the beast hanging above our heads.

The monster coming out at midnight

Their shock and awe at seeing the monster for the first time

On the way home, we stopped at the Clamshell... our new favorite spot for latenight munchies. As we climbed up The Mile back to our dormitories, we passed the statue of David Hume. The night before, some drunks took a highway cone and placed it on the statue's head. So we all stopped to laugh. Then, grabbing Hume's big toe I said "what would you guys do if I climbed this right now" and then mounted poor David. Others of course followed, because let's face it... we're drunk and climbing things is fun. I'm surprised (and greatful) that we did not get cited for something - anything. I'm sure there's some law that states "do not climb public statues of old dead guys" or something to that affect. Anyway, this is going on my list of "Things that I should have been deported for doing." I fear this may become a long list...   

Mounting David Hume

* I heard in a passing tour today that Hume's toe is a golden color because everyone rubs it for good luck. If only that tour knew that I used the golden toe to launch myself into Hume's lap... I chuckled to myself as I passed by the tour group, but no one was around to appreciate the humor in it that I saw.

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