December 27, 2008

The Other New York City

Finally, the day I've been looking forward to for the past four months: my reunion with my best friends from Bucknell in New York City. It didn't go exactly according to plan. Being in New York City the day after Christmas was like stepping into an alternate universe.
Of course it all started with Bish, Rach, and I demonstrating the genius result of our BU educations combined. It took us about 30 minutes to realize we were on the same train, and that they were in the car just in front of me.    
Eventually we all met up at Bish's apt: me, Bish, Rachael, Lakshmi, Cristina, Leah, and Dwight. It was only about half of the Swartz Crew, but I'll take what I can get. We went to Sutton Place for a great big American NYC dinner. I miss those when I'm in Scotland. The bar was practically empty, which was perfect because it gave us plenty of time to talk and catch up with each other. Then, it was back to Bish's for some pre-gaming ('Turrets for old time's sake) and out about town. We went all over, from Cabana in Chelsea/Meat Packing area, downstairs to Club Hiro (where Loren, Bish, and I were the minority) to ring in the Chinese New Year (which, by-the-way, isn't until January 26th), over to the East Village to a Hooka Bar called La Souk on Ave B (which I'm positive I've been to before with Steve) via a pizza place across the street where Cristina and I made some new friends (and met an insane internet lady) and were invited to their autumn wedding, and then finally to dance at Arlo&Esme on 1st St and 2nd Ave. Almost everywhere we went was completely dead. It seemed like no one was in Manhattan, or at least no one was out on a Friday night. It was the Day After Christmas Lull, except for Club Hiro - the Asian population of NYC was representing that evening.
While we were running about town, Lakshmi was at Duvet with her roommate, brother, and friends, and Dwight and Leah were getting into a bar fight at Cabana.  

[Side bar: we had a bad experience at Duvet last summer, otherwise we would have gone with Laks. I know it's hard to believe, but real life isn't like 'Sex and the City'].  

Anyway, back to the fight. The guy spit in Dwight's face, and then when he went to punch Dwight, he hit Leah in the back of the head instead. Dwight had his lawyer on the phone in seconds... and yes, it was 2am the day after Christmas. His lawyer patched him through to the police department and the cops came and arrested the guy for assault.  
The next morning, I was sitting in Penn Station, waiting for my train when two cops approached the homeless guy sleeping on the bench next me. The homeless guy was listening to an ipod, which was clearly stolen, and when he was woken up he gave the cops a hard time. The police informed him that it was illegal to sleep in a public place and that if he did not have a train ticket that he would have to move along. The homeless guy went off on this rant about how he would never wake them up if they were sleeping in his neighborhood. So the female cop asked the homeless guy to stand up and she cuffed him.  
So, one night in New York, one chinese new year celebration, one bar fight, and two arrests, but all-in-all a great time with six of my best friends.

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