December 7, 2008

Now be a grownup and come play in the fort!

After slacking off all semester, we decided to crack down on ourselves and get to work during finals week. We basically set up camp in the common room of Mylne’s Court and had a series of paper writing parties each evening for a week straight. I finished my creative writing portfolio in plenty of time, but it was my annoying literary option course paper that was driving me crazy. You mean I have to go to the library and do research of outside sources to write an essay… what is this, undergrad? I thought I had left research papers behind me – I’m here to make stuff up when I write, not to do research. How dare the University push me to excel in academics by writing research papers.

Leigh and I doing work in the Fort of Knowledge

Every night, one-by-one our friends would turn in for the night and go up to bed, until it was just Rachel, Leigh, and myself. The three of us would work until the late hours of the night, or should I say the way-too-early hours of the morning. All the work drove us mad, because we would start taking study breaks to build forts out of sleeping bags and chairs. We called it the Fort of Knowledge, and we actually got work done in the fort. If we didn’t, then we were sent to Academic Prison. There was a big raid, and a few prisoners managed to escape and flee the country to Germany.

Leigh, Rachel, and I in the Fort of Knowledge

Rachel in Academic Prison

Me breaking out of Academic Prison

Technically, the common room is under ground, so it's no wonder that there was a leak. The water dropped into a metal bucket at a constant rate. It resembled the sounds of deep and mysterious caverns and reminded me of Fraggle Rock. Our last night in the country, we pulled an all-nighter. That’s the night we discovered Fraggle Rock, which is in Fozzy Bear’s Grandmother’s kitchen in Canada (watch A Muppet Family Christmas to make sense of that). Around 7am we made chocolate chip pancakes and saw the most amazing sunrise. It was our reward for lack of sleep. Crazy as it sounds, I miss those late nights of paper-writing and ridiculousness!

Discovering Fraggle Rock in the basement of MC

Insane sunrise after our all-nighter

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