April 2, 2009

House Party Surprise!

I spontaneously booked a flight home, two weeks before its scheduled departure, so that I could show up at Bucknell and surprise everyone for House Party Weekend (thank you recession and off-season travel). For those of you who aren't familiar with what house party is, check out Urban Dictionary's definition: Bucknell House Party Weekend

Hanging out at Phi Psi

I only told one person that I was coming, and that was Laura. She jokingly offered me a bed to snuggle with her for HP, never thinking that I'd be able to come. But when it turned out that I actually needed a place to crash, I thought of her first. Plus, I am never one to turn down a snuggle-opp. My first stop in Lewisburg was the Bull Run Inn where I met up with Laura and surprised Sophie and Laurie. This was both an educational and frightening experience, for I learned of Laurie's fear of fat people (which we discussed extensively). I also learned that whenever Sophie's blackberry rings to alert her of a text message, it sounds like a bird chirping. I told her that if the site Twitter had a sound for when people tweeted a post, it would sound just like her phone. Then I proceeded to yell out "TWITTER!" every time her phone rang for the rest of the weekend. Yes, it was as annoying as it sounds... but it was also fun and contagious. We finished our beers and headed to the Lewisburg motel to check in. Rachael and Schneids happened to be in the room right next to us and heard our voices out in the courtyard. Rachael opened the door and then yelled at me: "what are you doing here?!?" in a shocked and accusatory tone, as if I had done something wrong. We all laughed and hugs were exchanged.   

Surprising my Littles at the downtown DG house

Next stop was the Delta Gamma downtown house to surprise my sorority sisters. But I didn't quite make it that far. Bish, Britt, and Annie were waiting outside the house when we rounded the street corner. I could see them gesture that Laura, Laurie, and Sophie were walking toward them. Then I saw them mouth the words: "who's with them" and "it looks like Kat" and "no it's not Kat" and then "it IS Kat" and the three of them bolted down St. Catharine's Street toward me in a rush of excitement. I was a little frightened and actually turned around and tried to run away from them, but I only got three or four steps before they tackled me with hugs and more accusatory statements of "you're not supposed to be here!"

My sisters reacted much the same way. It was fun tapping on my Little Corrine's shoulder and having her and my MOD31 loves (Whit and Melons) turn around in utter shock to see me. I'm pretty sure Melinda yelled at me: "You're supposed to be in Scotland!" Then we drank! Laura dropped a Hurricane on the concrete path, shattering the glass and spilling the 40 oz of beer all over. Ben Portman climbed a tree.

Then, I went next door to surprise Leah and Caroline. Care shrieked and Lay cried. Shortly after that, Brittany called me a bitch (in a text message, as in you bitch, I can't believe you came! ...at least I think that's how she meant it). 

Together again!

Our celebrations continued with a pre-party 4 vs 4 pong game in PKP basement. Public Safety came and the brothers made us all hide up on the third floor. Even though we're of-age, the frats aren't allowed to have unregistered "parties", and our little get-together wasn't on the books. Their first registered party was at 8:00pm that evening. (I felt like Anne Frank hiding in the attic). But it was getting late and I was hungry, so in my drunken state I ordered OIPs. Since I don't live there anymore, I had them deliver it to a park bench. Alex Tierney had to sneak me out through the kitchen so that I could get to my food in time. My meal came with no utensils, but I thought it was a great idea to eat it with my hands. Afterall, fettuchini alfredo is totally a finger food. So there I was, sitting with Leah in the dark on a park bench eating noodles with my fingers. I was a mess... and she photographed it. Thanks Lay.    


Asher Roth was performing at Kappa Sig. That's where I was able to surprise Tim and Cragin. Jake scooped me up in a hug and twirled me around and told me that "I made his housparty" for coming all the way home from Scotland. Love you Jake! Hadley cried... because she just had to copy Leah.

Everyone at Kappa Sig

Saturday morning, following tradition, we had a bagel and champagne brunch at the Lewisburg Motel. It had a great open area courtyard with tables and chairs for us to lounge on. Of course the morning didn't start out as quickly as we had hoped. Everyone staying in my room was super hung over and maybe even still drunk. Most of the group was in similar states. Laura ran into Rachael and Schneid's room, all excited about our brunch, and yelled "BAGELS!" at the top of her lungs, only to discover that neither of the girls were in the room. Instead she found herself yelling at the poor maid, who laughed at her (and I think was slightly frightened of her).  

Bagel and champagne brunch

The brunch started out in our bedroom, mostly because the four of us were too lazy to get out of bed. But after much bagel throwing, and a few cream cheese incidents, most of that involving Jake and Tim, we moved out into the courtyard. And then of course... up hill to Phi Psi, which was pretty much where I spent my entire weekend. They were BBQing, and some guy was enjoying his hot dog, when one of his brothers picked him up, flung him around, and then dropped him on his head. Gotta love drunk college frat boys. That hot dog boy makes an appearance in one of my photos. You know who also makes an appearance?? The awkwardness of a certain awkward person whom we call awkward [insert name] who awkwardly showed up in one of my photos... awkward. (The word awkward is very awkward to say five times in one sentence - it's so fitting).

BBQ at Phi Psi

I was loosing steam, fast. Not only was I jet-lagged, but I had gone out hard the night before. So I went back to the motel for a quick power nap and then re-grouped with everyone in the Bison for one of our famous bison dinners. We pushed the tables together on the upper level, just like old times. It was like we had never left.

Dinner at the Bison

Saturday night we went to TKE because they booked who they always booked: SnackBar Jones.  Because TKE is super annoying with sticking to the rules, we had to wait outside in line for like 25 minutes to get in. I had three alumni come out to get me, AND I knew the kid working the door, and it still got me no where. But only because there was a super annoying sophomore at the door, wearing an ugly tweed jacket (which is totally vital to the story), who was being an ass to everyone in line. He might have been the Risk Manager, and doing his job, but he didn't have to be so uptight about it. Curse you Tweed Jacket Boy!

Hadley and Jake being Hadley and Jake

So all-in-all we enjoyed drinking out of our crappy white Hoos Pooty Moogs (even though I stored hershey kisses in mine). It's what's on the inside that counts. We learned valuable lessons like Captain Planet would never use an iphone- it's just not environmentally friendly. We also discovered that sometimes Amanda puts herself out with the recycling. But most importantly, we became closer friends, especially in Sophie's case: "I would donate part of my brain to save you" - to Laura Van Wags.

Laura and Sophie

Special thanks to my special friend Laura for keeping my secret, I know it wasn't easy. And thanks to the rest of you for you're amazing responses to me being back. It really made me feel loved and missed :-D

(Never forget the Denim Purse).

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