April 12, 2009

With all the frills upon it

Rachel and I decided to attend Easter Sunday service. We put on our Sunday dresses and our Easter bonnets and white kid gloves (just kidding about those last two... if only) and walked down The Mile to St. Giles Cathedral. It's a catholic cathedral, that converted with the rest of the country, and now holds Presbyterian services. It was a beautiful morning and my bare legs were feeling the warmth of sunshine for the first time since last summer. We ran into a bunch of other MCers outside of the church and all sat together. It reminded me of old times when I used to sit at service with my fellow Youth Groupers.
I've seen the inside of the St. Gile' before, but today it was decorated with bouquets on top of bouquets of bright yellow daffodils in gold foiled pots. They surrounded each massive pillar within the church, like a solid golden bush of flowers. I wish I had taken a picture. The pillars made it difficult to see the readers, choir, and pastor - but they all moved about to accommodate for this. We sang some familiar classics like "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" and others that I was not so familiar with like "O Lord, Open Thou Our Lips" and "The Strife is O'er, the Battle Done"and "Crown Him with Many Crowns" and "Look, Ye Saints! The Sight is Glorious." But we sang them from such charming little pocket-sized hymnals that looked worse for the wear. Our scripture lessons came from Isaiah 25 verses 6-9, and St. John chapter 20 verses 1-18. I was slightly disappointed in our sermon. The pastor was way to focused on Mary Magdalene. I think he might have been trying to reach a younger DaVinci Code-crazed audience. But I did enjoy his Scottish accent.    
After the service, the six of us went out for an Easter Sunday brunch at my favorite place in town, so appropriately named Favorit. I had a feast of bacon with french toast and maple syrup and an oreo milkshake, while enjoying the lazy Sunday afternoon company of my friends. I went back to my room that afternoon and watched Easter Parade and felt very content. All that was missing was an Easter bonnet of my very own. 

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