April 25, 2009

I Love the 500s BC

We got off the boat around 8:00 in the morning and had all day in Athens until our flight left for Edinburgh via Frankfurt. So we explored the inside of the Ancient Agora in Athens. Rachel finally got a picture of me actually bowing down at the Temple of Zeus.

Not stretching my back this time, but acknowledging a worthy opponent

In our trek across the Agora, we found a stone ring in the middle of the path. I immediately challenged Rachel to a duel within the ring. She, of course, accepted my challenge. We duked it out with the tiny neon pink and green plastic swords that came skewered through pineapple wedges in our fruity cocktails on the cruise. I think Laura filmed it. I did something ridiculous and embarrassing, somebody must have filmed it. The funny thing was that Rachel finally had a real reason to say that phrase that we had been quoting all week. In VH1s "I Love the 90s part deux" 1993, the comedian Michael Ian Black is confronted with a Where's Waldo book. He pauses and then replies, deadpan: "I accept your challenge" as if it were a duel to the death. We can't stop quoting it.    

If only you could zoom in on our toothpick swords

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