April 14, 2009

UK WC AC, WTF?? brb j/k lol

Somebody please explain to me why not a single wash room facility, bathroom, or toilet in the United Kingdom is heated?!? Every time I go to use the WC, whether it be in a pub, restaurant, University building, hotel etc... it's absolutely frigid in there. The rest of the building is a normal temperature, just the bathrooms are unbearably cold. The toilet seat is freezing, and after you've washed your hands, they're so cold they feel like they're going to fall off. That's another thing the Brits haven't seemed to have mastered yet: faucet temperature control. They still have the boiling-hot water come out the left-hand faucet, and the icicle-cold water flow out of the right-hand faucet. You know, in the states we just have one faucet where you can find a happy luke warm medium! I swear, the next time I set foot in a WC over here, I'm going to get frostbite.      

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