April 2, 2009

I like 'em raw

Why is that as children we are warned and scolded against eating a bite of cookie dough because of the tiny bit of raw egg that might lead to salmonella, but when people train for an intense sport they drink a glass of five raw eggs straight for protein and strength??? Talk about mixed messages. Next time you take a bite of cookie dough and someone attempts to reprimand you, just tell them you're in training for a marathon... and that you like 'em raw!

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Jo said...

I must say I've never understood the appeal of raw cookie dough. Why go to all that trouble if you're not going to bake it? The smell of biscuits baking is amazing.

I understand scraping out the bowl when you've put the biscuits / cake / whatever in the oven, but not mixing up a batch of something only to not cook it. Am I missing something?

Jo D (from uni)